Changes are Afoot

The first few weeks of 2012, have brought about some changes to my training schedule.  First of all, my employer has started a wellness program, part of which includes a gym membership.  You may remember I am not a fan of working out in a gym.  However, the membership is free and the gym does include access to several pools both indoor and outdoor.  This has helped me with cross training and will also come in handy during the spring allergy season.

The other changes that I have made to my training include doing more weighted runs. I made this decision since I plan on doing the Tough Mudder with my ruck filled with either bricks or liquid “bricks” (beer).  Ever since I started weighted runs a few months back, I’ve noticed an increase in overall strength and attitude.  I feel I am running stronger, faster, and more confident.  I have cut back on the circuit training as well but only because I was bored with it.  Before I cut back on it though, I was able to complete the exercises for the full minute required.  Even the crappy exercises like jump squats.

The weather has been rather inconsistent over the last couple of weeks.  There are some mornings I leave the house for a run and require a hat and gloves.  The next day I am sweating profusely in short sleeves.  Welcome to southern Louisiana winter!  Just the other day I went for an early morning run only to be met with 65 degree temperatures, 90% humidity, and a blanket of fog by the levee and over the river.  It almost felt like I was running in June again.  This same morning I noticed the Mississippi River looked more like an undisturbed lake instead of the turbulent shipping lane it is.  The water was like glass and to be honest it was a bit eerie.  I don’t know what that means, if anything.

River Fog

More river fog

Glass river

The Tough Mudder is 16 days away now.  It has been a long and fruitful journey thus far.  The excitement of the challenge is starting to creep up on me and I feel like I’ve been obsessed over the last few weeks with getting things in order for the challenge.  Here are just a few things I’ve done over the past week for the challenge.  I put together a packing list for the team, I check the 10 day forecast for Edna, TX everyday to see what the weather patterns are doing (temps could be in the 70’s or the 30’s), I have assembled my chosen gear and worked out other logistics with the team.  It has been crazy.

I should take a moment here to apologize to all of those who have had to put up with this obsession lately.  I think Tim is ready to throw me out of our 22nd floor office window and I know my wife, although still very supportive, is ready for this to be over with as well.  So for driving you all nuts, I am sorry.  Also, this is just the beginning!

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted a story about Lt. Vogt and his fight for survival after being severely injured by an IED in Afghanistan.  Lt. Vogt is still fighting his battle and will be for a very long time to come.  He, along with all of our soldiers, continues to be in my thoughts and prayers every day.  Here is a link to the story of how a military base came to the aid of one of their own even though most of them had no idea who Lt. Vogt is.  Also, if you would like to follow Lt. Vogt’s story on facebook please click here.  Lt. Vogt’s parents typically update their facebook status daily to inform those who wish to follow his story.  Stay strong Lt. Vogt and may God bless you.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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