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A bit of time has passed since last I wrote.  Another Christmas season has passed and mine was filled with lots of family and good times.  Sure there were some moments over the Christmas holidays where I wanted to punch people in the throat but with it being Christmas I decided to withhold all violence and aggression.  My favorite moment this Christmas season was when the hot water heater decided to go kaput while we had family in town.  Nothing says Christmas like sharing one bathroom and shower with 7 adults and 2 children (Fortunately not all at once!).  I am certainly thankful for our awesome plumber and my uncle for spending almost an entire day in the attic replacing the hot water heater while I spent the day at the zoo with my wife, kids, and my cousin and his family.

Every year for Christmas, since I can remember, I have always asked for the same thing, world peace.    As you may have already guessed, I have yet to receive it.  (Stupid Santa, I’ve been a good boy!)  I did, however, receive one of my favorite gifts this year from my two sons (Thanks Mimi).  This year my sons gave me $20 to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Although it might not be world peace, hopefully it can benefit a soldier in need this Christmas season.  Maybe next year will finally be the year Santa will finally grant me my one Christmas wish.  (Just a reminder Santa, I am a lifelong New Orleans Saints and Chicago Cubs fan.  I waited my entire life for a Saints Superbowl victory which I finally received a couple of years ago and I am still waiting for that ever eluding World Series title for the Cubs.  My point is, once I set my desire on something I will wait unwavering until I get it.  So bring on the world peace Santa because I won’t stop asking for it and I won’t stop waiting.)

I do enjoy the Christmas season although I’m sure it sounds above like I am a bit like Scrooge.  New Year’s however, has always been a pretty bad holiday for me.  Not necessarily bad but very uneventful.  The one year my wife and I attempted to do something big for New Year’s turned out to be nothing but a fizzle.  A few years ago we decided to take a quick trip to the Tampa/Clearwater area for New Year’s and to see some old friends.  We had planned to be on the beach at midnight to ring in the New Year with fireworks, festivities, and sand.  The clock struck midnight and, as we had feared, nothing happened.  No fireworks, no festivities, but plenty of sand as there were also no people on the beach.  New Year’s seems to give my wife and I the finger every year and that’s ok.  Maybe one year I’ll give New Year’s a punch in the throat to welcome it! (But only if Santa fails to provide me with world peace.)

New Year’s is typically a holiday for reflection over the last year and of hope for better in the new year.  I took a quick moment to look back over 2011 and noticed a few incredible things in my life.  My wife and I were blessed with our second son to continue growing our wonderful family.  I also noticed a new foundation had been laid.  I started laying this foundation back in January and have strengthened it throughout the year.  My foundation is built on the strength of my family, my increased physical strength, and my increased mental strength.  Now that the foundation is laid and solid it’s time to start building upon it.

I plan on doing this year different than past years.  Instead of hoping the new year is better like I have done every year, I plan on making it better.  This year will be amazing.  How do I know?  I know because it’s my choice and I choose better.  I choose amazing.  Will there be stumbles, speed bumps, and maybe even a few pitfalls?  Absolutely, but I still choose better.  I still choose amazing.

Happy New Year to you all.  Do what you have to do to make this the best year of your life.  Besides, if the Mayans are right it’s our last year anyway.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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