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I’d like to start out this week by apologizing for my rant last week.  I was feeling pretty crappy all last week and especially when I sat down to write my entry.  I still have some of the sinus garbage and cough going on but I decided it was time to get back out and train anyway.  I decided to wage a mental versus physical war and so far the mental is winning.  That is until I cough up a lung or something.

I went for an easy 3.5 mile run yesterday morning to get back into things and see just how bad my cough would be.  I was surprised at how little I did cough although the few times I did they felt pretty loud and a bit violent.  No worries though.  I finished the run and went ahead and knocked out some pull-ups.  The old fashioned pull-ups not the crossfit kind.  I felt pretty good when it was all over. 

The weather was a little chilly and I decided to go with long sleeves, a hat, and gloves to make sure I stayed as warm as possible especially if I got a mile or so out and decided I couldn’t run anymore due to coughing.  I wear Mechanix gloves and not any special running gloves or particularly warm gloves either.  These gloves are good for protecting my hands from scratches and splinters but pretty terrible from protecting against cold.  Maybe I’ll try out some running gloves some day but until then I’ll enjoy what I have. 

I’m not exactly sure what it is about wearing gloves when I run or train but for me it adds a little something extra.  To me it almost feels like my gear is complete when I have those gloves on.  Maybe it is my imagination but it seems as though I tend to notice an increase in desire for tougher training and actual accomplishment of said tougher training.  I guess subconsciously I feel as though with my hands having some type of protection I can jump into any kind of training or harsher environment.  Or, maybe I’m just a bit unhinged.  Either way I can’t exactly describe the feeling but I know I like it.

I was about to publish this entry as I saw a friend of mine post a story on Facebook that brought me to my knees for several reasons.  My battle buddy from the GoRuck Challenge, Ilya, has a friend, Lt. Nick Vogt, who was serving in Afghanistan.  A few weeks ago Lt. Vogt stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and lost both of his legs.  Lt. Vogt’s should be dead but instead his story is one of hope, perseverance, strength, and most of all faith.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to support our wounded soldiers that sacrifice everything for our freedom.  Please take a moment and read Lt. Vogt’s story here

If you are so moved and are financially able please take a moment to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.  You can either donate through my Tough Mudder fundraising page on the right or directly through the Wounded Warrior Project website.  If you are unable to donate that is ok too.  Please at least say a prayer not only for Lt. Vogt but all of those who sacrifice for you and your family.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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