The Lost Week

Less than 12 months ago I never would have thought I would have been so disheartened to not be able to train.  The chest congestion that started the day after Thanksgiving has now turned into a rather aggravating cough.  This, combined with my allergies being triggered on Sunday, has led to a rather crappy last week and is not looking any better so far this week. 

Over the last few years I seem to have had at least once per year a bout with a sinus infection that turns into a dry cough that lasts for weeks.  The dry cough is the most pain in the ass issue I deal with.  I take different medications, suck down bags of different kinds of cough drops, try numerous home remedies and nothing seems to work.  I’ve seen doctors and have done countless hours of internet research to figure out how to both prevent this from happening and if I can’t prevent it, to stop it once it starts.  It is so frustrating to not be able to figure out how to prevent or stop this. 

Forgive me I as continue to rant about health issues but I also deal with allergies to just about everything, as you may have read about a few months ago here.  I have been taking allergy shots for nearly 2 years now and I take allergy medication every day.  Generally the daily medication helps but only if I still stay away from any allergy triggers as well.  I have no idea if the shots are working but the doctor did tell me to give it at least 2 years before I judge it.  I only have 4 months to go to reach my 2 year mark and I can tell you I have been mostly unimpressed by the results. 

I can’t tell you how furious I become when I realize I have to stay away from dust, oak trees, fresh cut grass, smoke, etc.  What bothers me the most is that I grew up in a relatively rural area and was always out in the woods, building campfires, and cutting the grass.  I also love history, always have.  A few of my favorite smells are the smell of old WWII era items like Navy ships, aircraft, etc.  I can sit for hours digging through old boxes and books that haven’t been touched in decades.  I love coming across old items that haven’t been seen or touched in years.  I can’t do this anymore due to the dust that comes along with it. 

It is a personal challenge to know I can’t do some of the things I love because of some internal issue that I can’t overcome just by mental strength.  I do realize my allergy issues are relatively petty in comparison to those who have much worse ailments or physical issues.  What frustrates me though is it seems as though allergies are something that should be easy enough to fix.  Obviously it is not though as so many people have allergies and no one knows of a “cure”.  I know these issues will pass and it has just been a fairly miserable week and a half without being able to train.  Especially since I now remember the joy I receive from pushing myself to the limit and then going a little further.  I suppose this is just another part of my journey.  Without this week and a half lost I may have never fully appreciated getting back to my training regimen.

If any of you have any allergy or cough suggestions I would happily look into any and all suggestions.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you are going!

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