Beware, the Holidays are Coming!

Last week started off pretty good with incorporating my new GoRuck GR1 into my training.  The bricks that I used for the GoRuck challenge have found a pretty good resting spot inside my GR1 and have accompanied me on all of my training last week.  I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass to carry around my ruck with bricks while I continue my training but instead it almost feels natural.  I think you’d have to try it out to understand it. 

Late in the week I decided to work on my hill training while carrying my ruck and so I did sprints up and down the levee with my bricks on my back.  The workout felt great and I certainly received a few “what the hell is wrong with that guy?” looks.  I think I may have enjoyed those looks a little too much.  Unfortunately, once I completed my sprints I felt some pain in my right thigh muscle.  This seems to be a problem area for me as I had the same injury while doing sprints a few months ago.  I think I will try a neoprene sleeve on my thigh to see if the compression helps any.  I will also focus more on stretching the area better prior to any sprint training.  Hopefully I can overcome this issue sooner rather than later.

With the holidays approaching I know most people start to fear weight gain with all the food and treats.  Fortunately for me, this has never been a problem for me and certainly won’t be this year as my training has allowed me to take off the few pounds that were starting to creep up on me.  My training partner, Tim, had been suggesting we run a Thanksgiving Day run which takes place in City Park, New Orleans the morning of Thanksgiving.  So it looks like I will have a chance to really work up an appetite for Turkey Day this year!

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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