Another season

After the last several months of busting my ass to get ready for the Tough Mudder challenge, I have less than 100 days to go (96 as of this writing). I turn 32 in a couple of days and all I can think about is getting my ass kicked during the GoRuck this coming weekend. Should be a good week preparing for the unknown of the GoRuck.

As I was running this past week in the “frigid” 45 degrees of a clear, crisp fall morning in New Orleans, I suddenly realized that I have been training now for almost a year. I have officially entered another weather season and with that come a sense of accomplishment. Sure I haven’t finished my challenge yet but as I have said several times before this journey may actually be worth even more than the destination. Several months ago I thought to myself about how life is full of things that are out of your control. However, since I have started training I am beginning to see more and more how many things in life are actually not only completely in your control but more so how the choices you make in life actually make you feel out of control. I know that concept may be hard to understand for some but it becomes clear when you decide to stop riding and start driving.

I was able to complete my normal running routine last week without any foot pain. I am hoping the pain I did experience previously was due to my old shoes and bruising. I have not started back with my long runs yet but plan to once the GoRuck is over this weekend. I may even have my training partner back once November gets here next week. I plan on taking it a little easy this week leading up to the GoRuck but after I complete that challenge it’s time to kick my training into gear again. The plan is to start focusing more on interval training for my runs and continue to get stronger elsewhere. Should make for a fun next 3 months leading up to the Tough Mudder.

On a side note to my training, I had a terrible experience this morning with my four legged furry kid. My wife and I have a nearly 7 year old full blood German Shepherd who was certainly our first “child”. Her name is Jasmine. She was a beast of a puppy when we first brought her home but she has grown into an incredible dog. She knows her role in the family is to protect her 2 little “brothers” and my wife if I am not around. She really only has one fault and that is she eats everything in sight and lots of things not in sight. We have tried everything over the last 7 years to break her of this habit with almost zero success. Her German stubbornness and persistence has been able to win any battle we undertake with her to keep her from stealing food.

With all of that said, she ate an apple core yesterday that I had dropped at the park. I woke up this morning to her vomiting in the office which happens from time to time and really is not that big of a deal. However, as soon as I entered the room to check on her she collapsed and I thought she was choking. I soon realized she was not choking and instead she was having a seizure. Luckily it only lasted a couple of minutes and when she became responsive again she looked at me like she had no idea what had happened. She then immediately ran into the bedroom to check on her little brothers to make sure they were ok. So far the only noticeable damage was when she bit one of my fingers as I attempted to clear whatever I thought she was choking on. Quick tip: NEVER put your hand inside a German Shepherds mouth if they are having a seizure. I’ll survive though and I am pretty sure she will as well. My hope is that the apple core caused this as it was the only thing out of the ordinary.


Hopefully I will be able to recuperate from the GoRuck challenge this weekend in time to write about my experience for you all.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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