This past week has been an exercise in adaptability.  After my first 10 mile run it took me a little longer than expected to recover.  My legs ached for a couple of days and I could barely walk much less train.  I think my leg issues were a combination of mostly running on roads and sidewalks as well as my running shoes showing some age.  Either way the 10 mile run kicked my ass and has changed up my training routine considerably. 

Tim has decided to focus a little more on weight training while keeping up with the long weekend run and I have changed focus to prepare for the GoRuck Challenge at the end of this month.  I have incorporated training with a backpack filled with 4 bricks and my new Source hydration bladder as well.  To save my legs I decided to go for a bike ride with my backpack instead this past week.  It felt pretty good to change up the routine a bit so I think I’ll keep up my bike riding and maybe increase it to 2 days a week.  I plan on keeping up the circuit training one day a week for now and increase this once the Tough Mudder gets closer.  I plan on incorporating more “hill” running over the next few weeks.  Since I have no hills here in South Louisiana I will instead run up and down the Mississippi River levee.  I really need to focus on increasing my upper body strength over the next few weeks as well.

The long weekend run has really increased my confidence in what I thought I would be able to accomplish as fast as I have.  The 10 mile run I completed was about 2 months ahead of the schedule I had set at the outset.  I was dreading my scheduled 12 mile run this past weekend however as I was just starting to recover from the 10 miler.  When I arrived at work on Friday morning Tim was waiting with a big smile on his face.  Apparently, Tim had misread the training schedule and instead of 12 miles we only had an 8 miler scheduled for Saturday.  I have never in my life been so happy to hear I only had to run 8 miles. 

The 8 mile run wasn’t too bad especially with the weather starting to cool down and the decreased humidity.  However, my shoes have died.  After the run my left foot felt like it was broken.  I could hardly walk on it Saturday and Sunday and am only now walking with no pain.  No worries though as I have already ordered my replacement shoes. 

Gear update – I have used my Source hydration bladder and it was great.  I have only used it while bike riding however and still have to try it out while running.  It is a 3 liter bladder so it is pretty large and I’m sure will add some decent weight while running.  I also used for the first time Saturday a pack of GU and GU Chompers.  I wanted to test these out to make sure they would not upset my stomach and would in fact provide enough calories to keep me going through the Goruck Challenge.  They worked great as I tried the GU package prior to my 8 mile run and the GU Chompers after.  I was pretty impressed with both and think they will be sufficient for my challenge.  Starting this week I will begin running with my headlamp on to get used to wearing something like that while I run.  I also plan on picking up some Mechanix gloves to try out.  I will post more about these once I test them out.

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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