As most of you who have been following my journey know, my training has taken a backseat to my newborn son.  Last week was our transition period from a family of 3 to a family of 4.  Our routine was challenged and completely broken down last week.  The days and hours all seemed to blend together into one long and hazy week.  There were times I had a moment to relax and watch a little TV which would normally not be a big deal.  However, one evening I was watching TV wondering why nothing good was on.  I thought it was 8pm but the clock read 1:30am.  Sleep came whenever it could and most of the time included several “naps” throughout the day.  For the most part I think my family was able to come through that first week with little issue. 

Since I have no training to speak of this week I thought I would take the time to praise my incredible wife and my amazing 3 year old son.  I didn’t know what my oldest son was going to think about bringing home his little brother.  He was excited throughout the pregnancy and couldn’t wait to meet his new brother but I was curious as to how he would react when the time actually came.  He seemed a little uncertain when he met his little brother for the first time but he quickly adapted.  Within the first week he has been helping with diapers, bringing baby toys to the baby, and just keeping an eye on his little brother whenever he is around.  I was also curious to see just how my son would adapt to not being the center of attention anymore and not being able to sit in mommy’s lap whenever he wanted.  He has done an incredible job with all of this and not once become upset while we were in the hospital for a few days.  I am incredibly proud of my son and know he is going to be a great big brother.

My wonderful wife never ceases to amaze me either.  Although she gave birth to our 2nd child and in doing so underwent surgery, she popped out of bed the following day and hasn’t slowed down since.  She has done everything she can to make the transition as easy as possible for our first son and makes it a point to spend some alone time with him.  Everything she does puts her family first.  She feeds and changes the baby all through the night all the while trying to be as quiet as possible so I can sleep.  (Before any of you jump on me about not helping out during the night I was not born with the right tools for this job and will do my part once I am able to.)  My wife knows how important my training is to me and the fact that I go to work every day to support our family and so has even suggested I sleep in the spare room so her and the baby don’t disturb me while I sleep.  (I have welcomed her suggestion but at the same time declined her offer.)  Not once has she become upset about her lack of sleep.  I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my wife and the mother of our children. 

With all of that said, my training picks up tomorrow as I meet Tim at 5:30am to enjoy our nice run and circuit training.  The weather seems to be getting slightly cooler which will be a welcome change from the last few months.  I am also only a month and a half from the Goruck Challenge.  For this I have incorporated a backpack with 4 bricks in it on my nightly walks with my dog.  I am also starting to get all my gear together that I will be using for the Goruck Challenge.  I’ll do some reviews on the gear as I incorporate it into my training regimen. 

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you’re going!

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