Weather Hazards

Mother Nature decided to play games with my training schedule last week.  First, a marsh fire that had started due to a lighting strike had enveloped all of the New Orleans metro area in a thick smoke.  Air quality was terrible most of the week with the smoke getting thick enough at times where I could not even see across the street from my office.  Outdoor training was out of the question while the fire was still burning.  To make it worse, since the fire was in the marsh the fire department was helpless in getting it extinguished.  The only hope in putting the fire out was for a strong rain storm.  This is where Mother Nature decided to continue to play her little game as she whipped up Tropical Storm Lee out of nowhere off the Louisiana coast.

Tropical Storm Lee was certainly the perfect solution to the marsh fire as the storm acted like a conveyor belt bringing wave after wave of torrential downpours to the area.  Many areas were expected to receive up to 20 inches of rain over a 2-3 day period.  With the marsh fire now but a bad memory, I was looking forward to running in the Tropical Storm weather.  I have done this once before and it is incredible and also dangerous.  As I awoke on Saturday morning thrilled to get a chance to pit myself against Mother Nature, I unfortunately noticed I was under a tornado warning.  This warning continued from 5am until 8am.  As a husband and a father, the danger level was a little too high to risk.  Besides, I have to get out for my training very early in the morning before my 3 year old son wakes up, especially on the weekends.  By 8am my son had awoken, and instead of training, I was building pillow forts and taking on the “stinkin’ pirates” in sword fights with my son (still a pretty good workout by the way.)  My son has an amazing imagination and so when the “stinkin’ pirates” show up it consists of me having to run throughout the house while jumping over furniture and attacking pirates with my foam sword with much gusto. 

Tropical Storm Lee radar

I finally had the opportunity yesterday morning to get out in the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.  When I started my run, there was only a little wind whipping around and a slight misty sprinkle.  I was unimpressed with Tropical Storm Lee and, as I do sometimes, I decided to challenge the weather similar to the way Lieutenant Dan did on Forrest Gump in the Hurricane scene.  When I reached the halfway point on my run I was able to look down the Mississippi river and I could see a wall of rain heading toward me.  I smiled pretty big as it seemed Mother Nature had heard my insults.  The wind kicked up and the rain increased.  Still I threw out insults.  About a mile and a half from my ending point, the wind shifted from pushing the rain into my side to driving the rain directly into my face.  At this point I could only laugh and keep my head down.  I have always enjoyed running in the rain and this run did not disappoint. 

Tropical Storm Lee wind

Well played Mother Nature, I await our next confrontation with much joy.

Tropical Storm Lee severe weather warnings

Keep Movin’ friends…it’s the only way to get where you are going!

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