Attacked by a wall

Last week = beautiful weather for training in Santa Barbara, CA.  This week = the worst week of training to date. 

I started off the training week back in New Orleans with a pretty good 7 mile run on Saturday morning.  My thoughts at the time were that it wasn’t going to be so bad transitioning back to the heat and humidity.  Boy was I wrong!  Monday morning around 5:30am I was met with 80 degree temperature,   80+% humidity, and rainy conditions filled with mosquitoes everywhere.  Think rainforest.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the dead car battery!  No training took place that day. 

Wednesday morning was probably the worst training day yet.  The conditions were still horrid but Tim and I braved the elements anyway.  I think we ran into what all athletes know of as “the wall”.  This imaginary wall must have been built with rough stone and had spikes facing out at us.  I think there was also a gorilla on my back pounding my entire body with a spiked mace that was on fire as well.  I don’t think I can get across just how miserable Wednesday was. 

This of course was followed up by arriving at the park Friday morning only to find all of the gates pad locked.  Tim and I decided to go for our run figuring the park would be unlocked upon our return.  As our luck would have it, there were the normal people out walking on the track we see every morning and one of the gates was open.  That is only one gate on the opposite side of the park from our cars was open and unlocked.  As we walked around the park cursing each locked gate we came upon we finally found a gate we could crawl under to get to our cars.  By the time we made it to the cars and after the terrible week I had been through I decided to call it a week and leave without doing the remaining portion of the circuit workout.  I can only hope next week is better.

As miserable as last week was I don’t want that to leave a bad taste in your mouth.  I’m sure I will overcome “the wall” as I knew this day would come eventually.  The stifling heat and humidity will ease and I will be stronger because of it.  Besides, all I can do at this point is Keep Movin’!

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