Allergies are the devils work

The evening of my first circuit workout was agony.  As you may remember, I have severe allergies to just about everything from pollen, dust, grass, mold…everything.  I don’t recall having these allergies when I was a kid but they certainly have made up for it over the last few years.  Apparently the pollen count was relatively high, 10.5 out of 12, the morning I completed my first circuit workout.  I had started to feel pretty worn out and foggy by that afternoon but figured it was just from the brutal workout that morning.  By the time I went to bed that evening I knew my allergies had been triggered and there was little I could do to stop it.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a 102 degree fever and freezing so much I had to get up and find a heavy quilt.  For any of you Yankees out there reading this, a quilt is almost unnecessary any time of the year down here but certainly not in March. 

I went to the ENT the next morning and told him what I had done to trigger my allergies.  He kind of laughed and with a great big smile told me I was forbidden to do any strenuous outside activity until the pollen levels dropped.  This was a big blow as I knew my training would take a beating.  I do not belong to a gym mostly because I enjoy being outside and love the connection to nature on long runs.  I knew I needed to keep moving forward with my training so I decided to continue the circuit workout without the running in my living room.  For the next 6 weeks I trained in the comfort of my living room every morning.  I was miserable but knew I just had to wait out the pollen.

I did some research to find out how I could track pollen levels and air quality levels to avoid any setbacks in my training.  I found an app on the iPhone that allows me to track pollen levels from  The website gives the same daily and 4 day forecast levels as the app if you don’t have an iPhone.  I have also found the website,, to help track ozone levels and air quality.  I have found that anything under an 8.0 on and no more than a yellow air quality code and I can exercise without issue.  I am also on weekly allergy shots for another year and daily allergy medication which has allowed me to continue to train while trying to overcome my allergies.  To any fellow allergy sufferers I hope the above websites help.

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