Brutal workout

Once I had decided I would take on the Tough Mudder challenge, I realized I would have to commit to a lifestyle change.  The only time in my schedule to put in the necessary time training would be early in the morning and I was used to staying up pretty late every night.  When I had started to train back around the beginning of the year I had started going to bed at night no later than 10pm so I could get up at 5am for my runs in the brutal (for south Louisiana) cold.  As you can imagine waking up at 5am to run is not the easiest thing to do when you are by yourself.  I knew I had to find a training partner if I had any chance to succeed.

I started to recruit for the Keep Movin’ team.  I first contacted some close friends and family who I thought would be interested.  I picked up Jeff, Zach, and Joey right away.  I then asked a couple of co-workers and was able to recruit Tim.  Once Tim was in we immediately talked about training together.  We decided on a 3 day a week training schedule where we meet at 6am at a local park to complete the training circuit on the Tough Mudder website (  The other days of the week we each do different types of training but Monday, Wednesday, and Friday have become our circuit workout days.  We knew from the first day we attempted the circuit workout we were in for a LONG 9 months until the challenge.

The first day Tim and I met for the circuit workout was a nice cool Wednesday morning in March.  We decided to run 8 200m sprints on the track followed by a 16 exercise circuit.  It was a miracle that I finished the sprints and I had absolutely no idea what I was in for with the circuit exercises.  The circuit exercises are done for 60 seconds each with a 15 second rest in between each exercise.  I did what I could on each exercise but I don’t think I completed any of them to the full 60 seconds.  The 15 second rest in between stretched to more like 2 minutes in between.  At the end of the workout my head felt like it was going to explode and I had tunnel vision.  It was a brutal workout but it felt great at the same time.

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