The Beginning

Around my 30th birthday I decided I wanted to get back in shape as I had become a bit of a couch potato. It was also around that time when I realized I couldn’t hold my son for very long before my arms would get tired or cramped. I felt much older than 30 and seemed to be having health issues I had never experienced before. I had become severely allergic to most pollens, dust, mold, and everything in between. In March of 2010, I had a large polyp removed from my nasal passage that had completely blocked one of my nostrils and had started to block the other. Once this was removed I realized how much I had been affected by it and how much better I slept and breathed afterward. Around the end of 2010, I decided to register for a 3 mile mud run and obstacle course that was scheduled for February. I made a 1 month running schedule to motivate myself to get out of the house in the cold weather at 5am to train for this event. It was slow going at first but eventually I began to see improvement and was feeling pretty good about my new routine. I started out by running about 8 blocks each morning and struggled to finish. I began incorporating push-ups and core exercises to begin building some strength.

The mud run finally came and I thought I was in decent shape and ready for it. I arrived for the race and met some friends who would be running with me. A large storm cell capable of producing tornados was headed in our direction but we thought we had a shot at getting on the course and completing it prior to the worst of the weather. As we headed to the start line and the adrenaline started pumping an announcement was made to cancel the event due to an impending tornado in the area. We were about 50 feet from the start line when the announcement was made. Needless to say we were furious at the time and later that fury turned into disappointment.

We were told to evacuate the area and head for shelter. The problem, however, was that our vehicle was about 3 miles from the start line and there were only 4 school buses for about 4,000 people to evacuate. My friends and I along with the majority of the race participants decided it would make more sense if we ran back to our cars instead of waiting for a bus. We took off on a 3 mile run on top of a levee through the Bonnet Carre Spillway. During the run back to the car is when I realized I was nowhere near ready for this type of event and was not close to being in shape. We eventually made it to our car and sat in traffic while tornado sirens sounded all around us. While sitting in traffic on the only road back to civilization is when my friend Jeff (his bio and journey can be followed as well) and I decided we were going to train for and complete a Tough Mudder challenge. From that day on I began to assemble a team and start training for what hopefully and expectedly will change my life forever.

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